Jeremy Lin's brothers, Joseph and Josh Lin, are also New Yorkers. Learn more about Jeremy Lin's siblings here.

Joseph Lin is following in his older brother Jeremy's shoes, playing basketball for the Division III Hamilton College Continentals in Clinton, N.Y., where he is currently a freshman, according to Sports Illustrated.

Joseph Lin, who weighs in at 135 pounds and stands 5'11 tall, has not been able to avoid the Linsanity that has swept over New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin since he shot to superstardom earlier this month.

It's been widely reported that Lin had to call on the Taiwanese paparazzi to stop with the incessant harassing of his grandmother in Taiwan. The New York Times met with the woman, and discovered that she and an uncle of the Lin brothers had literally fled their home in the suburbs of Taipei to their ancestral village, Beidou, in south-central Taiwan, only to be pursued there by reporters.

The Linsanity has spread to Joseph Lin, who has been pursued by news crews at basketball practices, and has seen a huge jump in attendance at his usually pretty sparsely attended Hamilton College games, Sports Illustrated reported. During one game at Amherst College in Massachusetts, SI reports that one of Joseph Lin's teammates said a fan held up a sign that said LIN-SIGNIFICANT BROTHER.

Joshua Lin, the eldest of the trio, may be doing the best job of the three brothers at avoiding the Linsanity. Josh is a student at the College of Dentistry at New York University, a pursuit that generally fails to generate headlines and adoring fans. But in his younger days, Josh was a star at Henry M. Gumm High School in Palo Alto, Calif., before Jeremy would go on to star at the rival Palto High, according to ESPN.

Josh did, however, find his name in the news a lot when it was revealed, again by the New York Times, that Jeremy Lin has been sleeping on his couch before all the Linsanity began.

Josh Lin's famed couch is located in a one-bedroom apartment in the dingy Lower East Side of Manhattan, but, as Josh was quick to tell the Times, Jeremy did have his own couch while he lived there. Josh went on to tell the Times that he thinks Jeremy's looking forward to getting an apartment of his own, which he did earlier this week, locking up a deluxe condo at the W Hotel in Manhattan's Financial District.

The three sons grew up playing basketball with their father, Gie-Ming, who taught them three nights per week to ball at the YMCA in Palo Alto, according to ESPN.

But it was Josh Lin and Gie-Ming who began to mold Jeremy Lin into what he has become, according to a 2010 ESPN article: All three grew up playing all the time. Lin's older brother, Josh, stoked the competitive juices in Jeremy and younger brother, Joseph.

So Linsanity, though it's focused on Jeremy Lin, is a family affair.