Handsome felon Jeremy Meeks has received a possibly life-changing opportunity from laser tattoo removal company LaserAway.

After coming across comments that Meeks' mother, Katherine Angier, made about her son’s “old tattoos” and how they have “caused him to be stereotyped,” LaserAway offered Meeks free laser treatments to permanently remove his ink, reports TMZ. The company is also offering Meeks $20,000 if he ends up deciding to go through with the removal.

Unfortunately for him, Meeks is still facing bail of over $900,000. So it might be a while before he is able to begin the treatments -- if he actually decides to do so.

Meeks gained sudden online fame after he was arrested on felony weapons charges during a raid conducted by Stockton, California, police on June 18. The department posted the mugshot of 30-year-old Meeks on Facebook, leading to an immediate flood of likes, comments and shares from users captivated by his blue eyes and chiseled face. The photos of three other criminal suspects nabbed in the bust were included in the post, but none of them got much attention.

Meeks has spoken out about the incident, saying that he appreciates the positive comments from people but he wants them to know that there is more to him than his striking looks. “I appreciate that. But I just want them to know that this is really not me. I’m not some kingpin,” Meeks told KXTV during a jailhouse interview. He added that he has turned his life around and is no longer a gangster – more the reason he just may accept LaserAway’s offer to remove his tattoos.

Following his arrest, his mother launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for his legal costs. In her description of the campaign, Angier says “he was on his way to work” when he was arrested and that he isn’t gang-affiliated. She says her goal is to get her son a “fair trial.”