The Huffington Post is reporting that Jersey Shore star Nicole Snooki Polizzi was paid $32,000 to speak at Rutgers University.

The Rutgers University Programming Association paid the reality television star, known for her drunken antics on the show, to talk about her famous hairstyle, fist pumps and her lifestyle of GTL - gym, tanning and laundry.

The news that Snooki was paid $32,000 caused a wave of shock on the Internet since that is $2,000 more than the $30,000 the university is paying the Nobel Prize winning novelist, Toni Morrison to deliver Rutgers' commencement address in May.

According to the report, the money for Snooki's appearance came from the mandatory student activity fee every student is required to pay.

A freshman named Adham Abdel-Raouf told The Star-Ledger of Newark that he thought the price was a bargain considering her popularity, while another freshman, Dan Oliveto, said paying that money is a waste.