Jesse James apparently has convinced another woman to marry him now that he is engaged to Alexis DeJoria, Hollyscoop reports.

The reality-star is a notorious cheater and has been engaged five times now, with four marriages.

Even though James has appeared on reality television, he is arguably best known for cheating on award-winning Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock with Los Angeles tattoo artist Kat Von D (real name Katherine Von Drachenberg). 

Even with his reputation, 35-year-old racecar driver DeJoria has promised to walk down the aisle with James.

DeJoria’s billionaire father co-founded the Paul Mitchell hair care empire and Patron tequila and will have to give his daughter away to the heavily tattooed Jesse James.

James, 43, came close to marrying his Sandra Bullock rebound, Kat Von D, but Von D claimed that he cheated on her with 19 women. She wrote on her Facebook page when she officially called it off, “Once a cheater always a cheater.”

But James is going to try his hand at monogamy once more, even though he has already been divorced three times.

According to Radar Online, DeJoria first hooked up with James in September, which means the couple has been dating only for a little more than a month:

“Jesse has been helping her compete,” a source told Radar Online. “He’s been hanging out in her pit area during races, passing on his expertise to the team of mechanics, and was even spotted helping Alexis pack up her parachute after a race.”

The source also said DeJoria “has lived a good life so far, and one day, when her inheritance comes through, she will be a very wealthy lady.”

DeJoria has been criticized by her some of her Twitter followers site since announcing her engagement to custom chopper maker.

The insider who spoke to Radar Online revealed that DeJoria will be well-off once her inhertitance starts to roll in and she’s confident that James will not touch her money and will vow to keep his pants up this time around.

She defended her fiancé on Twitter:

“He’s a solid dude and I admire his work ethics,” she said.

A Twitter follower then said “you are too old to fall 4 that” and DeJoria responded, “If you don’t have proof than shut the [bleep] up!”