Jessica Sanchez has had many great moments on this season of American Idol, but last night's performance may have been her best.

Last night pitted the males against the females as the final 13 squared off against each other. The males had to cover Stevie Wonder songs, while the females had to perform Whitney Houston songs.

Sanchez took a leap of faith and performed Houston's most famous and iconic song I Will Always Love You. The gamble ended up working for her.

This is one of the hardest songs in the world to sing, American Idol Host Randy Jackson. You are not only the best vocal of the night; I think you are one of the best singers in this whole competition!

This is really what it's all about, finding the best talent in America, he continued. America, this is one of the best talents in the whole country.

Just amazing, Jennifer Lopez said. I don't even know what to say.

You may be the one, Steven Tyler said. You just made 40 million people cry.

Last week Sanchez wowed the judges with her performance of Love You I Do after being in the hospital the whole week. She received the only standing ovation that night.

As much as we're competing with each other, we are competing with ourselves, and it's all about topping our performance every single week, Sanchez told after her performance. That's kind of hard for me as I've been getting a standing ovation constantly. I'm not trying to sound big-headed or anything, but I'm really trying to fight for that every week. I really put my heart and soul in every performance.

 She's gone, but while I was singing, it felt like she was there with us, Sanchez said of Whitney Houston. Just the life of the song and everything. I grew up listening to her.