The New York Jets reportedly want Michael Vick as their quarterback heading into 2013, and sports columnists are already knocking the idea of the Eagle going to Gang Green next year.

In a piece titled, “NY Jets owner Woody Johnson needs to sack notion of bringing in Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick,” New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers said Vick to New York would be a disaster.

“Here’s our message to Johnson and [Jets General Manager Mike] Tannenbaum (assuming he still has final say on personnel decisions) regarding Vick: Don’t do it. Absolutely don’t do it,” Myers wrote amid reports that the Jets want Vick.

Vick was shut down by the Philadelphia Eagles after he suffered a concussion Nov. 11. The scrambling quarterback is widely believed to be cut from the Eagles, which would make him a free agent in 2013.

The Jets have quarterback problems of their own after Rex Ryan benched Mark Sanchez with two games left in the season. Sanchez has committed 24 turnovers in 2012.

Jets critics wondered what took Ryan so long to bench the ineffective Sanchez. They were further baffled after the Jets traded for then-Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and not making him an integral part of the offense. In fact, Tebow was passed over for the starting job in favor of third-string quarterback Greg McElroy.

The Sporting News Columnist David Whitely is among those against Vick going to the Jets.

“Michael Vick going to the Jets would be the worst move since Tim Tebow went to the, well, Jets,” the sports writer said of the head-scratching decision to trade for Tebow and not use him.

Whitley argued that bringing Vick to the Jets would be catastrophic.

“For disaster potential, this is like showing ‘The Towering Inferno’ on the bridge of the Titanic. Vick can be wildly entertaining as he runs for his life. The big question would be whether he’d suffer yet another concussion after running into a lineman’s butt,” he wrote.

The sports writer argued that Vick’s past – he was imprisoned for his role in a dog fighting ring – will come back to haunt him in New York, even though his past transgressions have been overlooked in Philadelphia.

“All the on-field frivolity would only be the start, of course. You may have heard Vick had some legal issues a while back. He’s been a solid citizen in Philly, but that won’t matter once he’s thrown into the New York media Cuisinart,” he wrote.