A terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York was evacuated Sunday by authorities after receiving reports of a suspicious package.

The package was located at about 4 p.m. at the airport’s Concourse B and Terminal 4, according to Chris Valens, a spokesperson for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Reuters reported Sunday that the terminal re-opened 90 minutes after the original evacuation after the New York City Police Department determined that the suspect package was a tube of toothpaste with duct tape wrapped around it.

“We determined that it only contained toothpaste,” said NYPD officer James Duffy.

This isn’t the first airport evacuation following Monday’s deadly Boston Marathon bombing.

Fellow New York airport, LaGuardia, was evacuated Tuesday after similar reports of a suspicious package on the premises. According to agency spokesman Steve Coleman, the upper floor of the airport’s central terminal was evacuated. Photos of hundreds of passengers lining the airports entrance ramps flooded social media. Following investigations, passengers were allowed to re-enter the facility later that morning.

The same day, Logan Airport in Boston stopped US Airways Flight 1716 in route from Philadelphia after a suspicious package was found onboard. Authorities reportedly removed a black suitcase from the aircraft.

“Our passengers were bused to the terminal, the baggage was deemed harmless and the flight taxied to the gate,” said a spokesperson for Boston Logan Airport on their Facebook page. “Airport operations were not impacted."

Miami Airport was evacuated Thursday after reports of a suspicious object at a checkpoint were received. The bomb squad closed a section of the airport for a one-hour investigation. The report originated after a traveler was spotted with a “grenade lighter.”