Jimmy Kimmel has a few ideas for Oprah Winfrey's new television network, OWN.

During his post-Oscars show on ABC late Sunday night, After the Academy Awards, Kimmel teamed up with Oprah for a series of hilarious skits that proved the talk show legend is quite a comedian.

The premise of the skits included Kimmel pitching a few shows to Oprah, and let's just say none of them will make it to her television channel in the near future.

It's not that you weren't heard, it was just that you were so far off brand, she joked.

One of the skits, Book Club Fight Club, is the ABC late-night host's twist to a traditional Oprah book club because reading is the most boring thing in the world. When Oprah is asked about her knowledge of To Kill a Mockingbird, she doesn't take it well.

In another skit, Oprah Repos Her Favorite Things, Oprah steals back all the stuff she gave away on her show (I get a car! I get a car!) and in The Jimmy and Oprah Interview, the two hosts compete to get a quote out of a very confused Jennifer Aniston. Oprah After Dark, is supposed to be a romantic show, but quickly gets very disturbing.

Oprah launched OWN last year after retiring from the Oprah Winfrey Show, but the network sturggles to attract as many viewers as her famous talk show.

Video of the hilarious sketches is below: