Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he intends to prank audiences not watching the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, which he is hosting this Sunday. The late night host announced his scheme on Tuesday in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I am gonna do something very weird during the show. I think it could possibly be the biggest prank ever pulled, as far as number of people involved. Possibly. I haven’t researched it, but it’ll definitely be right up there,” he says, according to Entertainment Weekly. “The audience will be a participant in this. So it’s important that you watch because you’re either going to be in on it or not.”

The late night TV host does acknowledge that there is room for error with this large-scale prank. “If it goes badly, it won't be so great. I think it will go well. If you're watching, you'll be in on it. If you're not, you might get caught up in the prank,” Kimmel said while unraveling the red carpet for the Emmys on Wednesday, according to CBS.

Kimmel is known for his pranks on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” like tricking people into thinking they were holding the new iPhone 5, when they really had an already available iPhone 4s; the difference here, is the spotlight. This will be Kimmel’s first time hosting the Emmys, and CBS notes that newcomer hosts are usually scrutinized more than others for things like their opening monologue and overall presentation.

“What can I say … I hope it will be funny,” the first-time host said about his opening monologue, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “That will be a nice surprise for everyone, I think, if it is. Other than that, it’s not like there’s some kind of cliffhanger in the end. You do take the news into account so if something big happens, like if an elderly actor decides to have a conversation with a piece of furniture or something the night before, certainly that would be mentioned.”

For those hoping Kimmel plans on talking to furniture -- or Eastwooding –- as part of his prank, the comedian declined. “I feel like that joke has been dissected completely,” he said to Entertainment Weekly.

Kimmel will be joined on stage by Ricky Gervais, Mindy Kaling, Louis CK, Amy Poehler and Ginnifer Goodwin and other celebrities who will be presenting awards, claims Digital Spy. Some of the major nominees includeAmerican Horror Story,” “Downton Abbey,” “Hemingway & Gellhorn,” “Modern Family,” “30 Rock,” and “Breaking Bad.”

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards will be on Sept. 23, live from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. ABC will begin the show’s broadcast at 8 p.m. ET.