There have been several signs that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s wedding is fast approaching in recent weeks, but did the date come and go without fans even realizing? Keen-eyed “Counting On” viewers spotted what is speculated to be a wedding band on Jeremy’s left hand in a recent Facebook picture.

“Dinner with my #1. I am so blessed every chance I get to spend time with her,” Jeremy posted to his account on Oct. 24 alongside a shot of him and Jinger smiling and locking arms over a meal. Now, days later, the candid photo has “Counting On” fans buzzing the TLC stars may already be husband and wife.

“What’s with the wedding band on your left ring finger, sir? Congratulations,” posted one user. “They both have on wedding bands,” wrote another fan. “That is a ring on his finger. A gold band. They may have got married!” wrote another.

While some viewers state they can clearly see a wedding band on Jeremy’s hand in the photo, others claim it is merely a shadow. After one fan asked the couple if they had recently gotten married in the comments, another fan wrote that the ring was merely “the light” playing tricks on them.

“He’s not wearing a band, so I doubt they did,” said one commenter. “That is light reflecting from above through the crack between fingers shining below onto his ring finger,” explained another fan. “I blew up the pic because I thought the same thing.” A different user pointed out that Jinger is still only wearing an engagement ring, not a wedding band, in the snap.

While some Duggar supporters remain unconvinced Jinger and Jeremy are not already married, Jeremy’s followup post seems to confirm they’ve yet to say “I Do.” On Oct. 25 he posted a solo picture of Jinger, writing, “Can’t believe I get to marry this woman.”

Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding date has been shrouded in secrecy, but that hasn’t stopped clues about their big day leaking. During the “Counting On” after show special last month, Jinger’s brother-in-law Derick Dillard commented he expects Jinger will be pregnant by the end of the year. With Jinger and Jeremy saving their first kiss for marriage, that means their nuptials would occur before the end of 2016. Jinger’s sister Jana Duggar also dropped some hints during the special, saying she was too busy to renovate her newly purchased tattoo parlor due to being busy helping Jinger plan her big day.