Britain’s enterprise search software maker Autonomy Corp Plc is now trying to attract the best applicants by giving away free Apple iPads to all graduates who get an interview call irrespective of whether or not they get a final call back.

With tech companies now eager to hire new people following the gradual watering down of the recession, Autonomy is enticing graduates through these means into applying for jobs with the company as it faces tough competition with neighboring firms on the outskirts of Cambridge.

“You want to make sure that you get the very best through the door. What you do is dangle an iPad ... and they come and see you. Someone else is offering an iPhone. By the time you've done a decent interview round in Cambridge you're kitted out,” the Daily Mail quoted multi-millionaire founder Mike Lynch as saying.

On Tuesday, Autonomy Corp reported record full year revenue of $870m for the year to end-December 2010, up 18 percent from 2009, in line with consensus.

The group reported strong growth in its core IDOL business, including IDOL OEM growth of 32 percent and strong growth in IDOL Cloud revenue (Q4 up 12 percent year-on-year) with increasing contracts reflected in its commit number.

There was a rise in deferred revenue from last quarter, up to $178 million (Q3 2010: $168 m). Operating margins in Q4 at 45 percent were up significantly from 40 percent in Q3 2010. Full year diluted EPS at $1.20 was up 24 percent from 2009 (IFRS: $0.89, up 12%).