Convicted killer Jodi Arias claimed she got hepatitis C in jail and blamed Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who she also asserted is in a conspiracy with Nancy Grace. The Arizona murderess, who was found guilty of killing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, is awaiting the death-penalty phase of her case after the jury was unable to come to a decision the first time.

TMZ reported that, based on documents it had obtained, when Arias was in the custody of Arpaio, she said she was given a tuberculosis shot with an infected needle, which gave her hep C. But that’s not all. Arias, 33, said her left silicone breast implant leaked and caused a fungal growth.  The notorious killer, whose murder trial was turned into a Lifetime movie, said she was denied medical care.  

In a bizarre claim, Arias said the sheriff put cameras in her cell and forced her to say the "Pledge of Allegiance" every morning or else she wouldn't get fed, according to TMZ. Nancy Grace became involved in the mix because Arias claimed that the officer intercepted sexual letters between her and Alexander's cousin and leaked them to the talk-show host, who then shared the story on TV with her viewers. Grace alleged the two were going to get married.

As a result, Arias wants to file a restraining order against Grace and Arpaio, apparently without the benefit of a lawyer. The restraining order would allegedly prohibit Arpaio and Grace from violating her privacy and hurt her ability to get a fair chance in the death-penalty phase. The sheriff, however, thinks Arias is just looking for attention while she waits to find out if she will suffer the ultimate punishment for her crime.

"I know that she wants publicity and the only way she can get publicity is to go after this controversial sheriff, and she's won because I am talking to you," the sheriff told My Fox Phoenix.

He denies Arias’s claims and said that he didn’t know anything about the letters that were leaked to Grace.

"The only real connection I had with her when I sent my detectives to New York was to catch a guy who was gonna kill her and brought the guy back here, and he's in my jail. Well, me personally, I'm not gonna be near the letters, we have a system to look at the letters. When we go out she probably used a legal reason, no I don't know about letters," Arpaio said.

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