Jodi Arias, accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, told a Phoenix court Wednesday that he had a “Bill Clinton view of sex,” ABC News reports.

Though Arias admitted on her first day of testimony Tuesday to killing him, she claimed self-defense, the Associated Press reported.

Alexander was eager for oral and anal sex to get around his Mormon prohibition of premarital sex, the defendant claimed during her testimony.

The 32-year-old Arias described in detail the sexual demands placed upon her by Alexander in the beginning of their tumultuous affair, which ultimately ended after she stabbed him nearly 30 times in the shower and shot him to death.

According to Arias, Alexander skirted around his Mormon beliefs by engaging her in oral and anal sex since he claimed those were technically not against the Mormon rules.

"It seemed like Travis kind of had a Bill Clinton version of sex, where oral and anal sex were also sex to me, but not for him," Arias told the court on Wednesday.

She was referring to how former President Bill Clinton famously denied having sex with White House intern Monica Lewinsky by saying they had oral sex, not intercourse.

By putting the high-profile defendant on the stand, Arias lawyers are hoping that jurors will become sympathetic to the accused.

Arias has been weaving a tale, filled with intimate and elaborate details, that paint Alexander as an individual obsessed with secrecy and sex who physically and mentally abused her even though he portrayed a chaste exterior.

Arias claims she was forced to brutally stab her former lover 27 times, slit his throat and shoot him two times in the head nearly two years after they began the sex-fueled relationship.

But the prosecution is alleging she is a cold-blooded murderer who killed her ex-boyfriend in a jealous rage. If convicted of murder in Arizona, Arias may face the death penalty.  

Arias testified that she converted to Mormonism two months after she met Alexander. He baptized her and then forced her to have anal sex hours after the baptism.

"We got back to the house, we went inside and we hugged. Words were exchanged, and we began to kiss, and things got intimate again," Arias said. "He spun me around, and he bent me over the bed and he was just on top of me. I thought he was going to keep kissing me."

Instead, she said, Alexander “…then began to have anal sex with me.”

"It's not something I expected to happen, and I can't say I wanted it to, but I didn't stop him," Arias said quietly with her hands in her lap.

The Mormon religion forbids its followers to have premarital sex, but Alexander told Arias they weren’t breaking the rules because they weren’t engaging in vaginal intercourse.