On the second day of Jodi Arias’ testimony at her murder trial in Phoenix, she told how she and Travis Alexander met, spoke in great detail about their first sexual encounter and also revealed how he gave her the Book of Mormon.

But what Arias failed to touch on was the day she claims she killed Travis in self-defense. On day three, the jury will be waiting to see how she recounts June 4, 2008 -- the day Alexander was brutally slaughtered in the shower.

The live stream of day 3 of her testimony can be viewed here.

“Even after I told Travis I had boyfriend, he got ‘right in my face’ as if to kiss me. He licked his lips and stared at mine,” she told the jury.

On Tuesday Arias said she left her former boyfriend for Alexander, because she’s only a one-man type of woman.

“I knew Travis was Mormon when I first met him, through a friend. I didn't know much about Mormonism but it didn't concern me,” she said on Tuesday regarding Alexander’s religion.

According to her testimony, Alexander gave Arias a Book of Mormon at Starbucks, where he then told her he was horny and he wanted oral sex; she says she complied.

Mormon missionaries began to come to Arias’ home two times a week, inviting her to church, at Alexander’s request.

While Arias seemed to remember every little detail from the first time she met Alexander to the type of statue that was in Kohl’s four years ago, her testimony on Tuesday was cut short before she could explain to the jury what happened the night Alexander supposedly attacked her and she says she killed him in self-defense.

The nation seems to have already convicted Arias, with hundreds of tweets branding the 32-year-old former model and photographer a brazen liar.

She will be taking the stand around 4 p.m. ET and soon after #JodiArias starts trending on Twitter as the nation begins to comment on the high-profile murder trial.