Joe Ayoob, former quarterback from University of California and ex-Arena Football player, put down the pigskin and instead, picked up a piece of paper, breaking the Guinness World Record for longest paper airplane toss.

On Sunday, inside a hanger at McClellan Air Force Base just outside of Sacramento, Calif. Ayoob through a paper airplane 226 feet, 10 inches, destroying the previous record of 207 feet, four inches.

We made all 10 [official] throws. The record came on the fourth throw, Ayoob said, according to ESPN. I probably made 50 throws on the day. My body is still sore.

The plane was designed by KRON-TV producer John Collins, who is a paper airplane aficionado, designing them since he was a child studying origami. Collins is known as The Paper Airplane Guy, even creating a website dedicated to tiny the paper aircrafts. He has studied aerodynamics, trajectories in order to design the perfect plane, reported ESPN.

Ayoob previously worked with K-RON's Vern Glenn as an arena football broadcast. He was introduced to Collins and the pair began working together to achieve paper plane immortality.

I grew up making paper airplanes, Ayoob said, according to ESPN. I used to make paper airplanes and throw them all the way home from school when I was little. So it was kind of up my alley. I thought it was a cool idea.

Ayoob continued to say that it was important for him to return to the fundamentals of being a quarterback in order to break the record.

A lot of people could throw this plane and get some pretty crazy distance out of it, Ayoob said. But in order to achieve the distances we were trying to reach, it took a pretty precise throw, and it took a lot of strength. ... There's a lot of finesse involved, so it's kind of blending power, balance and control while you're throwing this fragile, little paper airplane.