Many people are surfing the web trying to figure out “who won the debate” but others are more concerned with the key semantics of the debate, the word “malarkey” specifically.

When Vice President hopeful Paul Ryan was in the middle of talking, Vice President Joe Biden cut him off to tell him that his assertion was “a bunch of malarkey.”

Ryan had been saying if the United States looked weak it would embolden adversaries to test America and instead of letting him finish what he was saying Biden interrupted Ryan with a smile, almost laughing in the Representative’s face.

As a result, many to took Twitter to discuss Biden’s use of the work “malarkey:” not because they agreed or disagreed with what Biden had called malarkey but just for the fact that he had used it.

Political comedian Bill Maher tweeted, “Malarky!' - yes, Joltin Joe taking it to Lyin Ryan! Take note, Barry!”

For those who may not know the exact definition of the word, considering it had been rarely used until Thursday night’s debate, malarkey is defined as meaningless talk or nonsense.

Check out some more of the popular tweets that were made about “malarkey:”

“Ryan kicking himself for not responding to Biden's "malarkey" with hogwash, fiddle faddle, blatherskyte, flapdoodle #23skidoo #catspajamas” @jpodhoretz wrote.

“Grading student exams and resisting the urge to write "This is some stuff my friend!" and "Malarkey!" I blame Biden. #kanyeshrug,” @KBDPHD said.

“If you wonder why this race is so close, look no further than how many people had to look up the word Malarkey,” @lizzwinstead shared.

Diane Sawyer commented on the word being used in the debate also, “Trending hashtags you couldn't have predicted before debate : #malarkey #bunchofstuff”

“Pretty clear that Biden's strategy tonight is to do everything Democrats wish Obama did last week. Call out "malarkey," hit the 47%, etc.,” @ezraklein posted.

“Finally someone has brought back the word malarkey! #debate,” @fortunefunny tweeted.

“#Malarkey--great word to describe 2012 republican presidential candidates,” @QiQiO23 said.

“Knock knock. Who's there? Interrupting Biden. Interrupting Biden wh-MALARKY!” @TimAlbrechtIA wrote.

Do you think Biden’s use of malarkey has revived the word?