Joe Jonas and his caterpillar eyebrows are about to kick off a solo career. Yes, JoeJoe is stepping away from his security brothers and forging the harsh waters of stardom alone--but first he must put on some leather pants and a textured blazer and become the new Calvin Klein model of the moment.

Pictures posted by WWD show Joe jumping, looking confused, looking marginally angry and semi-'Saturday Night Fever' in his new CK digs.

And no, we're not kidding about the shiny, leather pants...or the confused looks. Joe might not be the best model, but rest assured, as soon as the ads come out pre-teem boys will be clamoring for CK Men's so their female Jonas-obsessed classmates will look at them. Do CK leather pants come in children's sizes? Probably.

At any rate Joe is looking like a mature young adult in these photos. Let's just hope his solo album is less awkward.