Husband and wife country music duo Rory and Joey Feek are continuing to update fans on Joey's battle with terminal cervical cancer. On Sunday, Rory penned a new blog post on the couple's website This Life I Live, and revealed that Joey can no longer get out of bed but still remains hopeful that she can beat the disease. 

Rory, 49, wrote that even though his wife of 13 years is bedridden she's "so sharp and clear." 

“Her pain, for the most part, is so under control by the medicine that talking to her -- you would think she’s her normal self," he said. "Thinner. Much thinner. And with a hip new hairdo. But she is beautiful.”

He continued, “There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t look me and her family in the eye and say ‘I’m gonna beat this.'" 

The “Josephine” singer went on to describe Joey’s time in hospice as a "rollercoaster," explaining that his wife has her good and bad days. 

“One moment her light is very dim and she sleeps all the time and is struggling with the simplest of things. And we (along with the doctors and hospice) believe that the time must be very near,” Rory wrote. “And then, she’ll awaken one day and start talking and we’ll see that familiar spark in her eye.”

As previously reported, Joey was put in hospice care at the family's home earlier this month and has started to say her goodbyes to her daughters, 21-month-old Indiana Feek and her stepdaughters Heidi and Hopie Feek. 

In a blog post written two weeks ago, Rory wrote that Joey told their daughters how much she loved them. 

"And then she talked with them about the one thing that she didn't think she would ever have to talk with them about: leaving them," the country singer said in the post. "And then she told them of the day when they'll be together again in Heaven."

Joey, who is part of the group Joey + Rory, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer in 2014, just months after she gave birth to Indiana. According to Us Weekly, she stopped chemotherapy treatments in October once doctors told her it was no longer working.