Rory and Joey Feek had quite a busy week. In a post on the family's website This Life I Live, Rory described how he and his wife, who's been battling stage 4 cancer for months, had a chance to celebrate Valentine's Day and their daughter Indiana's second birthday.

As previously reported, Rory wrote in a post last week that Feb. 14 is extra special to him and Joey because it's the day they had their first date in 2002. At the time, Rory said he wanted to have an outdoor barbecue for Joey but couldn't because she's too ill. Instead, the pair opted for a quiet night at home.

In a blog post Friday, Rory said he and Indiana "drove through what seemed like a blizzard" on Valentine's Day to buy some of Joey's favorite sushi rolls.

“Joey was so happy to see the food we had for her,” he wrote. “And though she’d hardly eaten anything at all for the last couple of weeks … starting that night, her appetite came back, and she had the greatest time.” 

The 49-year-old said three of Joey's sisters helped her prepare for Valentine's Day by doing her makeup and helping her get dressed in a nice shirt and scarf.

"We lit a candle, and together we shared an incredible Valentine’s Day evening,” he said. “When dinner was over, as I said goodnight and tucked the blankets around her in the little hospital bed she has been living in for months, she thanked me for the special night and then made one request: ‘If Jody helps me to scoot over to one side … could you try to lay down with me and put your arms around me?’”

Rory explained that he hasn't been able to sleep in the same bed as Joey since November. The 40-year-old is currently in home hospice care.

After having what sounded like a romantic Valentine's Day, Rory and Joey then celebrated their daughter's turning two. To make sure Joey could be a part of the festivities, Rory wrote that they decorated her room and moved the small party in there.

“For the most part, Indiana’s big day was nothing but joy and more joy. She has a way of bringing even the most painful parts of life back into perspective,” he said. “All day long (and for days before that) the mailman and the UPS and FedEx drivers kept knocking on the door — delivering more and more presents from strangers, family and friends … to Indiana.” 

Joey has been battling an aggressive form of cervical cancer for almost two years. The "If I Needed You" singer stopped undergoing chemotherapy treatments in October after doctors told her it was no longer working.