John Edward former host of the TV Show Crossing over with John Edward has launched Infinite Quest, a new Web Site touted as visitors' own personal methaphysical GPS which gathers astrologists, numerologists and psychics to give information for simple and practical daily use, the website says.

Among its features, Infinite Quest offers discussions about the afterlife and paranormal, readings of oneself, daily numbers and celebrity interviews.

I've been doing this work for 25 years. And I've been involved with astrology, numerology, you know, energy, alternative belief philosophy, reincarnation. And I want to give people the opportunity to say maybe, Edward told the Fox News' Hannity show recently.

Members can get readings for free from physics, astrologist and numerologists. It offers free and pay membership for $9.95 per one month, $24.95 per three months and $99 for one year.

Edwards gave readings to audience members on his TV show, saying he received images from death people that he would communicate to someone in the audience.