Mad Men's Jon Hamm made a comment recently that the series should probably stop but it seems he has changed his mind and gone and signed a three-year deal with Lionsgate and AMC, reports said.

The deal comes with a huge paycheck increase, which is reportedly goes into eight figures . His salary increase makes him one of the highest paid actors working on cable TV, reports the website. Talking about the series demise may have just been good negotiating tactics on Jon's part.

Season Five of Mad Men has been delayed due to contractual disagreements between Lionsgate TV and the show's creator Matt Weiner. But things have smoothed out and it is all set for telecast in early 2012, said The first episode will be directed by Jon Hamm himself.

Jon Hamm plays Don Draper in the series and has been already nominated three times for Emmys for his role and won the Golden Globe in 2008 for the same. It is believed in trade circles that he is up for another nomination this time and may just walk away with the trophy this year.

Apart from his role as the dashing Don Draper, Jon has taken time out to do comedic runs on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock which have been received well.

His filmography includes The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Town , Stolen and Bridesmaid.

Asked about life beyond Mad Men in an interview by, Jon revealed that he has followed his friend Paul Rudd's career and has admired him doing comedy, big budget and Broadway but the person whose career inspires him is Jeff Bridges.

He's been an amazing actor for 40 years... Hopefully, life is long and a career is long, and you get an opportunity to do many things. And as you change not only as a human being, but as an actor, different roles come to you. ...and that's the exciting thing about having an opportunity like Mad Men. It opens so many other doors, he said.