Madonna, Elton John Feuding Because Of Lady Gaga Jealousy?

When Elton John tore apart Madonna in an interview with an Australian paper earlier this month fans all over the world knew it was only a matter of time before the pop star responded. Earlier this week Madonna told a concert audience she “forgave” John, who criticized her only after Madonna trashed Lady Gaga. Since the flap began fans have started wondering if Madonna, who has seen her fame decline since her peak, is jealous of Lady Gaga.
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Marvin Hamlisch, Composer, Dead At Age 68

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Elton John Declares Madonna's Career 'Over'

Elton John has declared Madonna’s career “over.”In an interview with Australia’s “Sunday Night” television program, John insulted the pop star, referring to her as a “c---“ and a “fairground stripper.”
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Eduardo Saverin: 10 Things To Know About The Facebook Co-Founder

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