New York DJ Jonathan Toubin is in critical condition after a taxi crashed into his hotel room in Portland, Ore. on Thursday while he was asleep.

According to The Associated Press, the taxi plowed through a front window of the Juniper Hotel around 11 a.m. and landed on top of 40-year-old Toubin while he was in bed.

Police said he was taken to a hospital, where he is in critical condition.

As he was carried into an ambulance, he was able to talk, but completely covered in blood, Lt. Rich Tyler told Oregon Live, describing the scene of Toubin pinned between the cab and a wall unclothed and semi-conscious.

The cab driver reportedly was at the Juniper Hotel to pick up a patron but suffered a medical emergency resulting in her running through the ground floor window. Oregon Live reported that 52-year-old driver Terry L. Uding suffered a diabetic emergency of low blood sugar before the accident.

The AP reported that police, witnesses and hotel employees helped to lift the taxi off Toubin following the freak accident, as it couldn't be backed out of the room due to the wheels being stuck in the window panel.

I saw a cab was buried in the room, Portland Officer Stuart Palmiter who responded to the 911 call told Oregon Live. 

The Portland traffic division is investigating the crash.

Toubin, known as the New York Night Train Conductor, was reportedly in Portland to DJ at a Thursday night show at a Southeast Portland club, Rotture.

Colin Tolsky, Toubin's strepbrother, said he can't believe the accident happened.

It sounds like a one in a trillion event, Tolsky told Oregon Live. It's just unbelievable.