Former Major Leage Baseball slugger Jose Canseco says his finger fell off while he was playing poker. Canseco said on his Twitter feed his left middle finger probably should have been amputated after he shot it last month while cleaning a handgun. Surgeons had reattached the finger but it apparently didn't take.



Canseco, 50, joked he put the finger in the freezer and then asked if anyone wanted appetizers.

Jose Melendez, a spokesman for Canseco, told CNN the former Oakland A has video and may sell it to media outlets. In the meantime, Canseco tweeted a picture and offered to sell the digit on eBay:



Canseco said the finger fell off while he was playing in a poker tournament Thursday night, adding he bets "a long time ago you could easily loose [sic] a finger a hand or even your life in a poker game."



Canseco played in the major leagues for 17 years and has a career 462 home runs. In addition to Oakland, he played for Texas, Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay and the New York Yankees. The six-time All-Star admitted in his 2005 book to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.