Former Major League Baseball slugger Jose Canseco has taken to Twitter over apparent rape charges in his home city of Las Vegas. Canseco, 48, called out his alleged accuser by name Wednesday afternoon on the popular social media site, where he has over 510,000 followers.

The former all-star outfielder has deleted most of the tweets, but they can be found here in a screenshot taken by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Other than the alleged accuser’s name, Canseco also posted her phone number and an address to reach her, while calling out the media to interview her. He also goaded the woman into taking a polygraph, or lie detector test.

The latest tweet read:

"@JoseCanseco Lets play truth or dare. I dare [name] to tell the truth"

BuzzFeed contacted the local district attorney who said there have been no formal charges, and that police went to Canseco’s house to question him. BuzzFeed also pointed out previous accusations of assault Canseco has faced from both of his ex-wives, and a history of violent behavior.

Canseco is now best known as the one of the most rampant users, and promoters, of performance enhancing drugs in MLB history. In his book, “Juiced,” Canseco describes his out-in-the-open use of PEDs and how he and former Oakland Athletics teammate Mark McGwire would shoot each other up.

Canseco hasn’t played in the Majors since 2001 with the Chicago White Sox. He hit 462 career home runs in his 17-year professional career.