The Bachelor 2014 is coming close to a close, with only one rose left viewers can’t wait to see if Juan Pablo will get his happily ever after on reality television. But the road to true love is never easy as we saw on the overnight stays that ended with one of the girls leaving on her accord. Amanda Remling sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss the dramatic exit of Andi, and who she thinks will win Pablo’s love.

Well if Juan Pablo’s steamy make out sessions taught us anything, it is that the romantic overnight visits would be full of passion, but who knew disappointment. Andi was first up and she revealed that her night with Pablo was a “nightmare”.  While we don’t really know what happened when the cameras turned off its safe to assume that the communication barrier that Pablo has struggled with played a role in her feelings.

Both Nikki and Clare appeared to be floating on cloud 9 after their overnight stays. They share strong feelings toward Pablo, and both seem keen to get that final rose and seal the deal.  But, are they the final 2 by the fault?

Before the rose ceremony Andi confronted Pablo about their failed romantic evening together. While the argument turned a little heated and Andi decided he wasn’t right for her and left the show. But if history tells us anything it is that Andi may have played her hand well, and could end up as the next Bachelorette.

Looking forward there do just two girls- both want the final rose and to hear Juan Pablo utter those three magic words “I love you”. But before we see the dramatic finale it’s the girl’s time to get their revenge in ‘The Women Tell All’ special. Normally this is full of tears, drama and cat fights as the girls turn on each other. But the s how’s host Chris Harrison has hinted that the girls, all turn on Juan Pablo.