Amy Schumer received the Critics' Choice MVP Award at Sunday's 21st annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California. The 34-year-old actress and comedian was presented the award by her "Trainwreck" director Judd Apatow.

Apatow kicked off his introduction by poking fun at T.J. Miller's Critics' Choice drinking game #TweetADrink, where fans can have alcoholic beverages delivered to their favorite celebrity attendees.

“It’s OK to applaud louder for me if you want to,” Apatow said. “Twitter promotion is working. They’ve been sending a lot of drinks over to Amy’s table."

The Hollywood director then took a playful jab at Matt Damon’s movie “The Martian” winning a Golden Globe in the comedy category, even though it’s a sci-fi film.  

“I got Matt Damon staring at me right now. After that whole Golden Globe comedy thing. We only have one award Matt, that’s all we get. I’m like a nerd on the school yard and you stole my milk money. Like can we just pick whatever category we want to be in? I have an Asian man in out film, can I go foreign film now," he said. “I don’t mean to be weird about it, but to all the dramas out there go f--- yourself. And your period costumes, and your concussions and your bears and your sexuality, go f--- yourself."

He continued, "I’m here to give an award to the funniest person in the world, Amy Schumer… They made up an award to get her here, that’s how valid these awards are."

Schumer has had a very busy 2015. The comedian not only starred in "Trainwreck," her first movie, but she also had a comedy special on HBO, an arena tour and hosted "Saturday Night Live" and the MTV Movie Awards.

As Apatow pointed out, the funny lady also opened for Madonna and made headlines for pranking Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the Time 100 Gala red carpet.

“She’s the nicest person I know, she’s hysterical and bold and courageous and the perfect comedienne for this moment,” he said.

Schumer also won the Critics' Choice award for Best Actress in a Comedy.