Judge William Adams, who was caught on video beating his teenaged daughter Hillary Adams for downloading music, kept his job after the video attracted the attention of state investigators, but a group of protestors in Texas are trying to change that.

Around 30 people gathered outside the Aransas County Courthouse on Monday to demand Judge Adams' resignation. Adams is an elected official who has been serving as Aransas' court-at-Law judge since before the video was shot secretly in 2004.

Adams is currently on a leave of absence while a judicial review board in Austin looks into the case -- meanwhile, County Judge Burt Mills has temporarily taken over his duties.

But that didn't stop angry protestors from voicing their opinions of Judge Adams.

It only takes one to get it started. You know having a judge act and behave the way he did as a family court judge is not acceptable. I'm not the only one who thinks this way, I may be the only one standing here right now, but we'll see what happens throughout the day. He needs to resign, he needs to do the right thing, protest organizer Rebecca Peres told KIII TV.

A counter-protest in support of Judge Adams appeared outside the courthouse on Monday as well.

[Hillary Adams] did wrong, Domingo Ortiz told 6 News. He spanked her with an American way of spanking kids -- a leather belt. She didn't cooperate. She moved around, she jumped around and she got hit more. She should have cooperated.

[Adams] is a good man, a good judge, Ortiz added.

After investigating the video, police in Rockland, Texas said that Judge Adams will not be charged with a crime. While it appears from the video that the judge did cause physical harm, bodily injury, and mental or emotional injury to his daughter, which is against the law in Texas, the statute of limitations has expired and no member of Adams' family has formally filed charges.

There is still a chance that the Austin review board will strip Adams of his license, and, as an elected official, voters might decide that they have had enough of the judge, who is up for re-election in three years.

Judge Adams' actions have hurt courthouse employees as well. The court's executive assistant, Linda Garcia, has been receiving hundreds of calls a day, many of them from angry citizens who berate her over the phone. Additionally, other employees have been emotionally damaged by the video and the national reaction against it.

We've seen Judge Adams' court clerks literally break down and cry and walk out of the courthouse. I tell [callers], 'You don't think we're going through hell down here, too?' Garcia told Gather.

I'm just appalled something like this can happen, and everyone else is, too. It's a difficult situation. I feel for the whole family. ... It's not just Judge Adams. It's an entire family that needs help, Garcia added.