Come July 4, it's time to shun the trappings of busy work hours to feast your eyes on the spectacular fireworks that decorate the nation's skies. A major tourist attraction and a moment of pride for Americans, the fireworks commemorating Independence Day light up major cities in all their glory and splendor. 

Be it New York, Atlantic City, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, or Lake Tahoe the vibrant skyline from the north to the south, east to west coast make the day memorable for every citizen and visitor traveling the country either for business or personal reasons.

Every year, as millions gather to witness the spectacle that lasts for 20 minutes and adorns the night sky across the U.S., the extravaganza revs up the patriotic spirit to parade history in all its grandeur.

The phenomenon is an annual display of chivalry and gallantness that transposes onlookers to a different world. Besides, it commemorates the spirit of the leaders who sacrificed their might for the nation.

The pomp and gaiety ushered in by the floats, parades, barbecues, concerts and carnivals earlier in the day whip up the national fervor that culminates with grandiose display of fireworks in the night. And the songs that accompany fireworks including God Bless America, America the Beautiful, The Land Is Your Land and Stars and Stripes Forever bring to fore impressive images of the Revolutionary War of 1812.

As nationalists and revelers rub shoulders to celebrate the Independence Day, the country basks in the patriotic colors of red, blue and white that lends a subtle charm to all the public places where fireworks regale the gathering.

This year, as America gears up to celebrate its 236th Independence Day, gun salutes fired in the noon will make an enduring and yet sublime call to all loyalists to lend their support for the nation.

While it is pertinent that you enjoy this once-in-a-year event to the hilt, you must also adopt adequate safety measures and wear protective gears that cover your sensory organs from the debris and make your day pleasant, said a cautious note from the organizers.

Check out the photos of the fireworks which lighted up the major U.S. cities Wednesday morning.