Junior Seau Suicide: LIVE News Conference Online Stream

Junior Seau died today at age 43.
Junior Seau died today at age 43.

At 43 years old, one of the greatest defensive players in the history of the NFL is dead.

Junior Seau was found dead at his California home from a gunshot wound to the chest Wednesday morning. TMZ is reporting that, according to police, Seau is suspected to have committed suicide.

TMZ.com is airing a live stream of a news conference being held by the police outside Seau's home. You can listen to the conference here.

Seau leaves behind three kids and an ex-wife. He reportedly sent them all a text message Tuesday that read, Love you. The family did not suspect anything was wrong, and didn't sense that Seau might be suicidal.

Two years ago, Seau drove his SUV off a cliff in Carlsbad, California. The former linebacker claims he fell asleep at the wheel, and was not trying to kill himself.

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