Facebook boasts of 150 million US accounts.  It’s the most popular social networking site in the country and the second most popular website for Americans (after Google).  But what kind of people really use Facebook?  And how do they use it?

A new report from Pew sheds some light on these questions.

- More of them agree with the statement “most people can be trusted” than the general US population.

- They have more discussion confidants (people with whom they can discuss important matters) than the general US population.

- They have more social support, emotional support, companionship, and instrumental aid than the general US population.

- They are more political engaged than the general US population. They also volunteer more.

- 22 percent of Facebook friends knew each other in high school, 12 percent are extended family members, 10 percent are coworkers, 9 percent are college friends, 8 percent are immediate family members, 7 percent are people from voluntary groups, 2 percent are neighbors, 31 percent can’t be classified in into of these categories.

- Only 7 percent of Facebook friends have never met offline.  Only 3 percent have only met each other once offline.

- 78 percent of Facebook users are white

- The majority (56 percent) of Facebook users update their status less than once per week.