Justin Bieber fans are watching "America's Got Talent" in droves Wednesday night in order to catch a glimpse of the music video for new Biebs song "As Long As You Love Me."

The show is already wildly popular, but judging by the amount of buzz it was getting on Wednesday after a tweet by Justin Bieber himself on the topic, "America's Got Talent" should have a lot of new, young viewers Wednesday evening as a result of Bieber's promise that part of the "As Long As You Love Me" video would be shown during the broadcast.

The buzz began late Tuesday evening, when Justin Bieber first let people know via his mega-popular Twitter account, that he would be teasing the video Wednesday night on NBC's "America's Got Talent."

"yep...It is CONFIRMED! Going to give you the begginning of the #AsLongAsYouLoveMeVideo tomorrow on @nbcagt !!! GET READY," the pop icon tweeted.

Bieber then sent another tweet out to his more than 25.5 million Twitter followers at about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, teasing his fans with the news that they will be able to see a sneak peak of the video if they tune into "America's Got Talent" later that night:

"anyone excited to see a clip from the #AsLongAsYouLoveMeVideo (trend this) tonight on America's Got Talent? yes...Michael Madsen is in it," the Biebs wrote.

Beliebers around the world did the bidding of their idol, and soon enough the hashtag #AsLongAsYouLoveMeVideo was a huge trending topic on Twitter in a number of international locations.

As if that were not enough to get the buzz about the new Justin Bieber music video, the official "America's Got Talent" Twitter  account retweeted his post to its more than 94,000 followers.

And, no joke, Bieber went ahead and retweeted AGT's retweet. That's a lot of people receiving the same tweet about one part of one new music video by one young, ultra-popular singer.

"America's Got Talent" is NBC's exclusive talent competition, and it has become more and more popular in recent years, as viewers have moved away from Fox's ultra-smash hit "American Idol."