While many were quick to judge Justin Bieber’s now-infamous note in the Anne Frank House guestbook, some have jumped to his aide, including Howard Stern and Anne Frank House itself.

Stern addressed the topic in his morning satellite radio show, proclaiming: “They made a big deal. ... First of all, I'm impressed that a young man in that position would even go to the Anne Frank house. Most of these guys who are having that kind of success -- they're busy with the girls and the whole thing. They don't even bother to go visit anything of substance. He's a kid, so he writes, 'Gee, I wonder if she would have been a Belieber?' I don't see that as any big deal. People are looking to carry on and pick this kid apart."

Bieber visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam on Saturday while on tour, writing in its guestbook, "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber,” a coined term the 19-year-old singer calls his fans. Bieber’s comments drew criticism, saying that his note was insensitive and self-absorbed.

One Twitter user, tweeted: “Just when you thought Bieber couldn’t do anything worse, he decided to write in the guest book at Anne Frank’s house.”

But representatives of the house disagree, praising Bieber on a Monday Facebook post.

It reads: “The Anne Frank House was pleased to welcome Justin Bieber to the Anne Frank House last Friday. We think it is very positive that he took the time and effort to visit our museum. He was very interested in the story of Anne Frank and stayed for over an hour. We hope that his visit will inspire his fans to learn more about her life and hopefully read the diary.”

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