International heartthrob Justin Bieber turns fans to mush, but the 20-year-old singer got put in his place by a group of professional comedians and some special guests at last night's Comedy Central Roast. The roasters in attendance  seized every opportunity to take the “Baby” singer down a peg in the most hilarious way possible.

In addition to professional comedians like host Kevin Hart and roast master Jeffrey Ross, some special guests including Snoop Dog, Martha Stewart, Shaquille O’Neal and Will Ferrell (as "Anchorman" character Ron Burgundy) showed up to torment the Biebs as well.

It was hard for everyone to contain their excitement at seeing the controversial Calvin Klein model get burned for his various public stumbles and embarrassments over the past few years. For example, things like egging his neighbor’s house causing $20,000 worth of damage and getting arrested for a DUI made for prime fodder. Check out a few of the more hilarious clips from last night’s all-star roast below:

Martha Stewart: “Call Me”

It didn’t take much prodding for the comedians to sexualize domestic diva Martha Stewart. However, one of the rare standing ovations of the night came after the home expert mogul's closing joke, in which she described the perfect woman for the Biebs -- as it turns out, it’s her.

Natash Leggero: One Joke, 4 Burns

Leggero got an applause break for her clever joke that skewered host Kevin Hart, Ludacris, Bieber and Shaquille O’Neal in one fell swoop. The clip will also be helpful for anyone who's confused about the difference between a “continent” and a “continental breakfast.”

Kevin Hart: “Not Like This!”

Justin Bieber falls 10 feet on his butt in this clip. I can’t imagine you need more incentive to hit “play,” but I’ll explain the clip anyway. Bieber’s grand entrance to the stage saw him lowered down from the rafters wearing angel wings. Unfortunately for him, and only him, the string looked like it broke and he fell flat on his bum to open the evening. Although everyone reacts with seemingly genuine concern, odds are the fall was planned.

Ron Burgundy: Flicking A Smoke

Will Ferrell reprised his role from the “Anchorman” movies to surprise both Bieber and the audience with a brief roast in character. While everything that comes out of Ron Burgundy’s mouth is hilarious, it’s his physical humor that really steals the show. Watch closely as he casually flicks a cigarette at Justin’s head before he starts to speak.

Justin Bieber: Take That Jeff Ross

 Jeff Ross was easily the most biting comic on the roster last night, but Bieber didn’t let the pro have the last laugh. This was also the best/worst/only emoji joke of the evening.

Kevin Hart: Bieber’s Fans

Kevin Hart opened the show by admitting that Bieber is more famous than anyone who  was about to roast him. Still, the clip below proves that when it comes to fans, quality beats quantity. 

All clips courtesy of WhipClip.