Justin Bieber has a female look-alike and the video with striking resemblance is making the rounds on the internet.

The video has Dani Shay, who looks exactly like Justin Bieber has set the internet buzzing over the covers of Eminem's 'Love the Way You Lie' on YouTube. Strumming on acoustic guitar (much like Bieber himself does), Shay tackles both Rihanna and Em's parts of the song, shifting from the heartfelt chorus to the strident verses and back.

This isn't the first time Dani Shay, the video's star, has heard that. In fact, she has a few videos up on her YouTube account regarding the likeness. One is a 10-minute ramble on the matter, and the other, embedded below, is a Weird Al-style parody of Bieber's 'Baby' called, 'What the Hell.' Shay contends that the resemblance is a coincidence. I've had my hair like this for years, and I've had my face like this all my life, she says. Indeed, she's had that haircut since at least since 2009 - before Bieber released a single or understood his potential for shagginess, the TV Guide reports.