After performing at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Justin Bieber released his latest music video for his new single, “What Do You Mean” on Monday morning. Starring in the music video is model Xenia Deli, who is rumored to be Bieber’s new girlfriend. However, the model has denied the dating rumors. 

Deli made the announcement during an interview with ET Online about Canadian singer’s latest music video. Bieber was full of sex appeal as he went shirtless in the video. Deli, on the other hand, also portrayed a sexy vibe during some of the scenes. The model shared that the story captured in the music video was all about passionate love.

“We love each other, but at the same time, we hate each other,” Deli said.

The Victoria Secret model also admitted to having a lot of love for Bieber, but she denied that she and Bieber are a couple.  

“No, I am not dating Justin, and I am not dating anyone else,” Deli said, adding that she and Bieber are actually good friends.

Deli explained that what she and Bieber have done in the video was just part of the job. Although the model also admitted that she had so much fun working with the singer as he made the work easy for her.

Bieber and Deli reportedly worked together for two days for the “What Do You Mean” music video. During that time, Deli realized that Bieber is different from what the gossip articles have portrayed him to be. Bieber was described by the stunning model as a “gentleman” and “respectful to a woman.”

Meanwhile, when the Russian model saw Bieber’s emotional moment at the VMAs, she reportedly found it “cute” and told Cosmopolitan how the “moment tells a lot about how he is.”  Deli added, “He really has a big heart.”

After receiving a lot of negative publicity in the past, Bieber made a comeback performance of his single, “What Do You Mean?” at last Sunday’s VMAs. He showed off an impressive choreography, where he went flying into the air. Bieber’s VMA performance was his first one after five long years. 

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