JWoww is defending her bottom in a new video after unflattering photos of her went viral earlier this week.

She and Snooki hosted an MTV show on New Year’s Eve in Times Square called "Club NYE 2013."

Wearing a short blue sequin dress, the reality star revealed more of her body than she had intended, resulting in a wardrobe malfunction as she flashed the crowd during the live show.

The resulting pictures were quite unflattering, showing cellulite and a saggy derriere, which JWoww did not appreciate. 

She defended her bottom on Twitter, claiming the photos on the Internet were photoshopped. 

"I decided to video my buttocks, because you can't photoshop a video,” she wrote, before posting videos of her bottom at the same angle, in the same heels she wore on New Year’s Eve, while wearing only lace boy shorts and a sweater.

“i know it's not victoria secret but it's mine & it took a lot of donuts and cheeseburgers to get this! [sic],” JWoww continued to write.

The reality star later wrote that if the derriere in the viral pictures was hers, the tattoo she has on her upper right thigh would have been visible.

“Full on enjoyment proving photogs wrong,” JWoww later tweeted.

Commenters who viewed JWoww’s videos expressed their relief that the viral photos were not real. “Omg I love u for this! Lol. I knew it wasn't u I kept telling people this can't be her! I knew I was right! Ha!” wrote yamela1.

Tanyamunroganton commented, “Way to stick it to them. I love your video.”

JWoww shot to fame due to the success of MTV’s "Jersey Shore."

The favorite motto of the cast was "GTL" or "Gym, Tan, Laundry." JWoww was frequently photographed by the paparazzi going to the gym, so she made sure to prove the workouts are in fact paying off.