K. Michelle seems to be fed up with all the haters on social media, so the “Mindful” hitmaker took the time to give all the critics out there a piece of her mind. Not only did she address people who are quick to judge her fellow artists, she also defended Kanye West, Azealia Banks and many more in a recent Instagram post.

On Tuesday, the former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star took to Instagram to share a meaningful photo of a single hand of different skin colors. The hand appears to have been stitched together to show that people with different skin colors are part of the same human race.


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Aside from the photo that already shows a strong message of unity, K. Michelle accompanied her post with a long message to address an issue that’s been very prevalent on social media. “I’ll NEVER be judgmental and offer my verdict to anyone because I AM NOT perfect. If all u [sic] do is sit on a social media site and bash your very own people who are put in a place to evoke solutions for YOU and you destroy them for your entertainment is sick!” the R&B singer wrote.

K. Michelle addressed people who are mad at President-elect Donald Trump. “You mad at Trump but didn’t vote. So stop posting about him to fit in and be funny,” she quipped. Since she already touched on the issue of online hate against Trump, K. Michelle conveyed another request to social media critics who are going after vocal Trump supporter Azealia Banks. “Stop tearing down Azealia Banks, that woman honestly is the most talented articulate female rapper out, her approach may not be what you like, but let her have an opinion and be who she is! You don’t know ANYTHING about her and what she’s going through,” she wrote.

Recently, Banks has been making headlines for calling out people who are against Trump, even though the president-elect has yet to take his spot in the Oval Office. Furthermore, Banks has been sharing her opinion on important issues in the country, such as racism against black women, but she is still getting slammed on her Facebook page for being vocal and for being an avid supporter of Trump.

In addition to defending Banks, K. Michelle also showed her support to Kanye West, who is at the center of another controversy after talking about political issues during a concert. The aftermath of his tirade caused him to cancel his other concert tour dates. “Kanye West is our brother and regardless of his statements he spoke several truths about this industry you will never understand unless you are apart [sic] of it. You don’t have to agree with him, but don’t destroy the man,” she said.

Other people K. Michelle defended in her Instagram post include Chris Brown, Nate Parker and Keyshia Cole. Finally, she ended her rant saying, “What’s so funny about bringing down an artist that sold millions & helped u through real heartbreak with ur nothing a— man. Use your Own brain. Uplift ur people. I said what I said. I will speak the truth! I’m learnin [sic].”