Azealia Banks seems to have the (loudest) last laugh in the recently concluded U.S. presidential election. The “Ice Princess” hitmaker did not only get her wish, which was for Donald Trump to win the race, she also got the chance to literally laugh at and mock the supporters of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton which, by the way, includes Hollywood’s biggest stars Beyoncé, Jay Z, Pharrell and many more.

Banks — who aside from rapping is also known for having beefs with Russell Crowe, Iggy Azalea and other celebs — did a bold move on Facebook early Wednesday when she posted her reaction toward Clinton’s loss.

She wrote: “But I’m really laughing because jayz (sic) and Beyoncé really were up there shucking and bucking for Hillary and she STILL lost. She had Pharrell old jiminy criket (sic) looking a— up there with his sambo hat on going hard in the paint. B—-hes was not in formation. Hillary even tried to say she had HOT SAUCE IN HER BAG. She pulled out all of the most typical s—t and still lost. Damn slime…”

The hot sauce was actually in reference to Clinton's interview with "The Breakfast Club"  in which the presenter, Charlamagne Tha God, implied that the Democratic Party’s candidate always carries hot sauce everywhere to get everyone in “formation,” as reported by BET.

The “Chasing Time” rapper continued her tirade several hours later when news about protesters rallying against Trump broke on social media and in the news. Banks posted that she was “laughing hard” at the protesters, who are wasting their energy. She also claimed that the protesters will only incite the “megalomaniac” (Trump) into “f—king” them all.

Banks continued by stating that she needs to “sit down with my psychiatrist to giggle and cackle about how I was right all along.” She also implied that Clinton’s supporters would gradually flip and support Trump, whom she once called her “F—KING HERO” (per CBS News), when she wrote: “Catch you h—s on the flip side.”

Ever since Donald Trump was declared as the winner of the presidential election, Banks has been very active on Facebook in voicing out how proud she is that her candidate beat Clinton for the presidency. Her straightforward and rather controversial posts have even caused her to trend on Twitter.

Currently, she’s not present in the Twitterverse anymore because she got banned after using racial slurs against former One Direction member Zayn Malik, according to Daily Mail.