In the trailer for “Teen Mom 2” Season 6 star Kailyn Lowry teases the idea that she and Javi Marroquin are “on the verge of divorce.” In a sneak-peek video of the forthcoming installment, the couple confirms their martial issues will play a big role this season on the MTV docuseries. 

In a clip from the sixth installment, which premieres on the network July 9, Kailyn reveals in a voiceover that Javi is upset over a text she received from a male friend at school. According to the “Teen Mom 2” star, their conversation was innocent. 

Due to the text, Javi refuses to pick up her 6-year-old son, Isaac, and take him to his father Jo Rivera’s house. Kailyn pleads with Javi to follow through with his original plan to transport her son to her ex-boyfriend’s house, but he disagree, saying he’s “tired of Kail’s s—t.”

“I didn’t f—k up. I didn’t do anything wrong,” Kailyn argues. “You’re making something way bigger than it needs it be.”

“She wants to be texting all these dudes so she can take care of her responsibilities,” Javi says to one of his houseguests.

When Kailyn walks away from Javi, she finds comfort in one of her friends. She reveals their argument started after a male pal texted her “good morning” and asked if she had class that day.

“Now, I’m cheating on him and I’m a liar,” Kailyn says before approaching Javi for a second time. “Javi, I’m not texting him about anything I shouldn’t be texting him about. Why are you so insecure about my guy friends?”

Javi responds by telling Kailyn he doesn’t believes their conversation was a “one time thing” and telling her to “get out of my face.”

Their fight ends up Kailyn storming up a flight or stairs, visibly upset.

Watch the “Teen Mom 2” Season 6 sneak-peek video, “Concert Complications,” below:

While MTV is touting the couple’s marriage problems as a big storyline for the upcoming season of “Teen Mom 2,” it appears the pair has mended their relationship off-screen. Last week, Javi informed fans that they had solved their marital problems ahead of the series premiere.

“You guys are really gonna see a different side of us this season that I’m not looking forward to,” Javi wrote. “There was a point in our marriage that was extremely difficult… I’m not gonna give too much away, but just want ya’ll to know it’s worth it to keep fighting. Seriously.”

Javi concluded his post with a message to his wife. “P.s. it’s behind us babe,” he wrote. “We made it.”

“Teen Mom 2” returns to MTV July 9. Watch the Season 6 trailer here.