Kanye West has never been one to take negative criticism lying down and Wednesday was no different. The rapper, who is hard at work on the finishing touches for his upcoming album "Waves," took a moment from his "creative process" to fire back at Wiz Khalifa who wasn't feeling West's latest album title. The Grammy award-winner had a few choice words for Khalifa, 28, on Twitter. 

West took to Twitter at around 2 p.m. EST Wednesday to air his grievances, assuring his followers that even "the best thing that's ever made music" is capable of being a little petty. He then took aim at Khalifa, suggesting that he stole his style and flow from rapper Kid Cudi. West called Khalifa's debut single "corny as f---," adding that the music that came after was not much better. West then enlisted the help of wife Kim Kardashian in his Khalifa take down, using a Kimoji of her crying to further mock the BET hip-hop award-winner.  

He admonished Khalifa for distracting him from his music before launching a full-on personal attack, which included some major shade directed at Amber Rose. West tweeted that Khalifa had allowed his ex-wife to "trap" him, adding that he must be angry every time he looks at the son they share. He warned him never to "come out the side of your neck" again as he is an "OG" who deserves respect. West claimed he and Kid Cudi paved the way for rappers like Khalifa. He slammed the Pennsylvania-native for suggesting he couldn't use "Waves" as his album title, adding that Khalifa wouldn't even have had a child with Amber if it weren't for him having dating and dumped her. West closed his argument by sharing with his 17.6 million followers that he attempted to call Khalifa but he had changed his number. He warned him not to drag his wife or her famous family into this drama reminding him once more that he is an OG and commands respect.

The drama between the rappers began Tuesday when West announced that he had changed his album name from "SWISH" to "Waves," the project's third title since 2015. Fans had mixed feeling about the title, but none were more outspoken in their discontent than Khalifa. He plead with West not to use the title, telling him that Max B., who is currently in prison serving a 75 year sentence for various robbery charges, invented the concept "the wave." He said that if nothing on the album mimicked the flow of Max B.'s raps "its [sic] not wavy."

Khalifa did not engage with West much during his lengthy rant Wednesday. Aside from clearing up a misconception about him tweeting Kardashian's initials, Khalifa sent one tweet in which he dismissed "Waves" entirely.