Kanye West's album release date is just over two weeks away. Previously known to fans as "Swish," "Waves" is set to be released Feb. 11. As the project nears completion the Grammy award-winner has shared more and more details about what fans should expect from the album as far as title, potential collaborations and overall experience. Here's everything we know about "Waves" so far:

1. The Album Has Had Three Names Since Being Announced

West first revealed he had a new album coming in March 2015, according to StereoGum. He tweeted a photo of album art for the project, which was, at the time, called "So Help Me God." Two months after his announcement E! Online reported that he'd decided to change the name to "SWISH." He again made the announcement on Twitter warning fans that he "might change it again."

After West, 38, released the handwritten track list for "SWISH" last month, fans believed the title was set in stone. It appears, however, that something pushed the self-proclaimed genius into making one last title change. The father-of-two revealed Tuesday that "SWISH" would now be called "Waves."

2. Five Songs Have Already Been Released

According to West's most recent track list, which he posted to Twitter Tuesday, five of the 11 songs on "Waves" have already been released. West premiered "No More Parties in L.A." and "Real Friends" on Jan. 18 as a part of the return of G.O.O.D Fridays, which involved the weekly release of a new track by the esteemed musician.

West released a diss track titled "Facts," firing shots at Nike on New Year's Eve. "Waves" also features the song "Wolves" which West performed on "Saturday Night Live" in February 2015, according to Billboard. The song was never released online and received mixed reviews from fans. "Fade" was presented during a Yeezy Season fashion show, Billboard reported.

3. There May Be Many Collaborations On "Waves"

When West released the first track list for his album, still known as "SWISH" at the time, the paper had been signed by his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner. The teenage "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star was likely in the studio with West because, as was reported, the Kardashians have had a lot of influence in what does and does not make it on to "Waves." 

West has since released a new photo of the track list, edited to feature new songs, the album's new title and a whole host of new signatures from various artists such as A$AP Rocky, The Dream and Swizz Beats.

While collaborations with the artists whose names are scribbled on West's track list are uncertain, there are a few features we can guarantee you'll hear. As was revealed with the release of "No More Parties In L.A." and "Real Friends," Kendrick Lamar and Ty Dolla $ign will be on "Waves."

Many have also speculated that West may be collaborating with Drake in some way. Fans came to that conclusion after noticing that Drake and West seemingly shared a photo of the same Larry Graham album on social media.

4. Kanye Sampled Larry Graham, Drake's Uncle, On A Song

The song sampled at the end of "No More Parties In L.A." is called "Stand Up and Shout About Love," according to Complex. Drake confirmed this by sharing a photo of his uncle's record on Instagram writing, "few more parties in L.A." Kanye has since tweeted a photo of the album in the studio surrounding by liquor bottles joking that "uncle Larry" was with him and his team in the studio.


Few more parties in LA.

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5. West Worked With Famed Producer Madlib On Beats

West shared a photo of himself and Kendrick Lamar on Twitter after the release of "No More Parties in L.A." The duo, photographed sitting in on a couch in a dimly lit room, likely the studio, thanked Madlib for sending them a CD with six beats on it for them to choose from. One of the six was ultimately chose for their collaboration.

As the Fader points out, in a 2010 interview Madlib told L.A. Weekly that West had reserved five beats of his for use on "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." Madlib has not commented on working with West this time around and, according to his rep, has no plans to.

6. West Will Potentially Debut His Album During A Presentation For Yeezy Season 3

It has been reported that West arranged to host a preview of Yeezy Season 3 and "SWISH" at Madison Square Garden during fashion week in New York City Feb. 11. The event was listed on Ticketmaster Tuesday, but was deleted shortly after West announced the change of his album's name.

7. West's New Title Has Not Been Well Received By Fans — Or Wiz Khalifa

After taking to Twitter to share the new name of his forthcoming project, the social media site flooded with a mixture of praise and complaints from fans. Some were quick to applaud West's choice while other's claimed they liked "SWISH," and even the initial "So Help Me God," better.

None were more vocal than fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa in their complaints. The "See You Again" artist pleaded with West not to use the title, writing that "Max B is the wavy one." The father-of-one claimed Max B., who has been in jail for six years of his 75 year sentence for various robbery charges charges, invented the idea of "the Wave."

West has since tweeted about the controversy, assuring fans he meant "no disrespect" to Max B. in choosing the title. Khalifa retweeted West's message adding, "yea aight."

8. "Waves" Is Going To Be The "Best Album" Ever

On Monday, West tweeted the first draft of his "finished" track list, calling the album "the best album of all time." He has since corrected himself assuring fans that it will be better than that.