Investigators working the Karen Swift murder case will not be hampered by tunnel vision and said they are working every possible angle and evidence they receive. They believe the body of Swift, a Dyersburg woman who was missing for about a month and a half, is a key piece of evidence in the case, as it could reveal what time and how she died.

The body of Swift, a 44-year-old mother of four from West Tennessee, was found in a wooded area in Dyer County near a cemetery

A report from the Dyersburg State Gazette noted that John Robinson, a preacher at Bogota Church of Christ, and his friend Mark Rickman, found Swift's body as they were leaving Bledsoe Cemetery. The body was placed under bushes.

Dental records later identified the body as the missing mom.

Authorities said the body was laying there for some time, was hidden by vegetation that was eventually killed by the winter conditions, making the corpse visible. Swift's car, a 2004 white Nissan Murano, was also found with a flat tire near her home.

Authorities said Swift filed for divorce from her husband, David, in early October before she went missing, and had already agreed on the details regarding the custody of their four children. Her husband is complying with police and is not a suspect, officials have told the media.

Police haven't named a suspect.

We noticed a body part from a distance and the closer I got, you could tell it was a body, Robinson told the Gazette, noting that he and Rickman knew the missing mom and immediately thought of her.

Whenever somebody is missing, that is the first thing you think of, said Robinson. He later said there wasn't any shallow grave.

At least they can quit looking for her and start looking for somebody, Robinson said. 

And the hunt for the killer is on. has reported that investigators are now awaiting the results from DNA testing of the samples of evidence found in Swift's car, the family's home and from her body.

We want to take every piece of evidence and every result we get and go after whoever is responsible for her death, Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box told

They deserve a conviction and somebody needs to be held accountable for what they've done, Box said. We have to go after somebody and we have to seek a conviction.