It has been three months since the murder of Howard Beach, Queens jogger Karina Vetrano and the police have yet to make an arrest in the homicide case. Despite the lack of progress in the case, New York Police Department Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce has insisted that officers are still working to solve the 30-year-old’s slaying.

Although there have not been many leads since the Aug. 2 murder, detectives are still handling the case with “a sense of vigilance and endurance,” Boyce said. He was confident there will be justice following the brutal murder, Newsday reported Tuesday. “We will continue until we make an arrest in this case, which I know we will,” said added.

Since the murder, NYPD officers have received more than 100 tips about the case and have released sketches and descriptions of possible witnesses, local publication QNS reported Friday. Boyce has said that each tip received is properly investigated by detectives.

“They know this case is going to be a tough case,” Boyce said. “Here is a group of investigators who solve some major crimes in a couple of days. Those things happen. But these things [Vetrano case] happen as well. There is not a day that goes by when we don’t get a tip, or two or three,” he added.

Vetrano was reported missing Aug. 2 when she did not return home from her afternoon run. Her father then contacted the police, which found her body dragged off of a local running trail in Spring Creek Park. She was strangled, beaten and sexually assaulted.

A GoFundMe page was set up following Vetrano’s death in an effort to add to the $20,000 reward money police was offering for bringing her killer to justice. Since Aug. 9, the page has garnered more than $284,000 in donations.