Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger to expressing his distaste for other people; his current target is first lady Michelle Obama.

The media has been abuzz since the first lady showed off her new haircut, complete with bangs. Michelle has received a mostly positive reaction, with many outlets continuing to make comparisons between her and former first lady Jackie Kennedy.

“It's definitely a more youthful style than what she had before. It just has a flirty, young quality to it,” Editor-in-Chief of Allure magazine, Linda Wells, told the Associated Press.

While famed New York hairstylist Robert Stuart was quoted as saying, “It's much softer and younger, and it makes her look more approachable. It also works well for her sense of fashion. And it brings out her eyes,” according to the Daily Mail.

However, Mr. Lagerfeld was not impressed. The Chanel designer essentially suggested that Mrs. Obama’s bangs make her looked like a news anchor.

Lagerfeld expressed his distaste in an interview that aired on the French television network Canal Plus, insisting that he loves “Madame Obama,” but did not feel that the do was a good idea.

"I don't understand the change of hair ... Frankly, the fringe was a bad idea. It's not good." Karl went on to say that Michelle now looks like "une speakerine de LCI," Lagerfeld said, referring to a popular French television news network.

The Huffington Post notes that Lagerfeld’s criticism of the first lady is quite mild compared to other things he doesn’t like, and has spoken about publicly, including Pippa Middleton's face, Adele’s body, Japanese people's eating habits, anorexic models and Russian men.

The quip may also be taken with a grain of salt seeing as Michelle’s biggest supporter, her husband, President Obama, is a big fan of her hairdo. The president commented about it during his inauguration events, referring to the cut as the “most significant event of this weekend.”

“I love my wife's new bangs - she always looks good!” he was quoted as saying.

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