Days after putting his relationship with Rihanna on public display via social media, Chris Brown was spotted with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

On Sunday, the former couple headed to the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach, Calif., to promote Brown’s clothing line Black Pyramid.

Brown launched the fashion line in November alongside Pink + Dolphin founders Neima Khaila and Cena Barhaghi. At the Black Pyramid launching event, Brown explained the name, “We really haven’t mastered the art of making a pyramid ourselves, like the ancient ones.

"The black pyramid label is basically an unknown art. So I think my painting, my designs, whatever I do fashion wise is unknown to a lot of people.” 

In case people did not know they were rekindling their “friendship,” Brown also created a shirt for his Black Pyramid clothing line featuring a photo of himself with Rihanna.

In the black-and-white photo, Rihanna is wearing a military-print comforter over a bra and underwear, as Brown sits in the foreground, smoking.

As Tran helps Brown promote Black Pyramid, he is also helping her with her clothing line, The Kill. 

Last month, the singer shared a photo on Instagram with a friend while wearing a white T-Shirt with the logo "The Kill" on it. Although Tran and Brown may no longer be in a romantic relationship, it seems they are still business partners.

Check out the pictures of the Tran and Brown at the Agenda Trade Show.