Kate and Pippa Middleton may be one of the worlds most sought after sisters, but it looks like people may hesitate before purchasing their latest replica dolls as their clunky, chunky nature strip them from their royal grace.

From a distance the dolls exhibit beaming wide eyes and gleaming grins, but upon a closer look they have bulky, chunky joints with ripped figures looking much more like action figures than ladylike members of the royal family.

Kate Middleton's doll is dressed with a large voluminous replica of the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen royal wedding dress, of which the lace does a fine job of covering up the bolted joints. Pippa Middleton's doll, however, wears a tight fitted white-cowl sleeveless dress displaying ever bolt and knuckle of the poorly made doll.

It appears the toy company merely wanted to make a few bucks from the Royal Wedding hype in the run up to Christmas, and therefore did not really think through the mechanics or design that would have perhaps been more appropriate for two public figures with royal affiliation.

The Website, herobuilders.com is selling the Kate Middleton doll for $189.95, while Pippa Middleton's replica is on sale for $49.95. The Website has already urged its customers to place their orders saying the dolls are high in demand. 

For those who cannot afford the hefty price for Kate's wedding dress replica, a version of the doll in a herobuilders wedding dress alternative is also on sale for $49.95.

This is not the first time toy makers have attempted to replicate the sisters. In June a china figurine exhibiting the royal wedding dress was also released by Compton and Woodhouse, although it was deemed as 'absolutely dreadful' by royal friends and family.

Referring to the doll and its  £199 price tag, the Queen's former aide, Dickie Arbiter, said: 'It is horrible. Absolutely dreadful. Anybody who spends that kind of money on it needs their head examined. It is cashing in without any taste. It is just tack,' the Daily Mail reported.

Twitter reactions to the dolls:

Joe_Stone_ Joe Stone 

Someone has made a doll of what Pippa Middleton would look like if she embarked on Jodie Marsh' body building regime:

ProducerMatt matt bailey 

Just what you need...a Pippa Middleton doll with a big bum and an even bigger jawline! tinyurl.com/boserpv bring back thundercat figures!

tntmagazine TNT Magazine 

Pippa Middleton action figure doll on sale. And it's truly terrifying.

TyneRoberts Tyne Roberts 

OMG the have brought out a Pippa Middleton doll. Must....control..... RAGE !!!