Pizza was the issue of the day for Kate Gosselin on an episode of her reality show Kate Plus 8.

The argument over who got a slice was so outrageous that it caught the eye of seasoned journalist Anderson Cooper, who featured the clip on the RidicuList segment of his CNN show Anderson Cooper 360.

Cooper is seen holding his head in exhaustion as Gosselin shouts at her nanny and her own children for not sharing their lunch with her bodyguard Steve Neild.

Steve reserved the pizza last night, Gosselin shouts, as she takes a slice away from one of her five daughters.

Neild apparently cannot eat either macaroni and cheese or salad -- the other lunch options that the children are then forced to eat instead of delicious pizza -- and so he simply stands quietly while Gosselin rips food from her children's hands for him to have.

Gosselin continues shouting, especially at her kids' babysitter, who allows Mady Gosselin to give Neild pizza with her bare hands. The nanny is so infuriated by Gosselin's rant that she quits on the spot, causing the children to break down in tears.

With all reality television, it's impossible to know what gets lost during the editing process, but this tirade seems pretty despicable nonetheless.

Cooper's Ridiculist made the news recently when the CNN host broke down in hysterics after a number of Gerard Depardieu puns. Depardieu sparked Cooper's ire when he began peeing in an airplane aisle after the flight attendant said the bathroom was closed.