Kate Gosselin took to Twitter on Friday to post a strange message about her former husband Jon Gosselin, giving rise to speculation that a fresh drama could be heating up between the two. But the “Kate Plus 8” reality star and mother of eight quickly deleted the post, which was shared with her 245,000 followers, according to Radar Online.

“I’m in 24 hour protection mode here,” the single mother reportedly posted. “Can you find out where Jon DJ’s tonight and tomorrow pm literally ASAP?”

A source close to Jon reportedly said that he is unaware if the two were getting involved in another war with each other. “He doesn’t know what Kate is talking about,” the insider told Radar Online. “She’s always up to no good.”

“Jon tries not to think about that stuff. He concentrates on his kids, his music and his own life,” he said.

Kate and Jon have been feuding since their divorce in 2009. In March, details about court documents filed by Jon in 2010 revealed claims that the 39-year-old Kate “physically” punished their children by hitting or spanking them.

“The children told the teachers that they were scared and that Alexis had broken a mirror when she could not get out of the room to use the bathroom,” documents filed in Berks County, Pennsylvania, claimed. The children also reportedly told their teachers that they were afraid to tell their father about what was happening at home because “they did not want to get into trouble with Mother.”