Kate Middleton’s rumored feud with Queen Elizabeth II has nothing on the drama behind closed doors at the Middleton household. After more than three years of radio silence, Middleton’s second cousin Joanne Callen is speaking out about her issues with the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother, who is also Callen’s godmother, Carole Middleton.

Callen, a recruitment consultant near Watford, England, recently told the Daily Mail that since Middleton’s April 2011 marriage to Britain’s Prince William she has neither seen nor heard from Carole. “When I was a child, Carole was really good to me ... But she has always been a social climber, and now I feel she is snobbish,” said Callen, whose mother, Alison, is Carole’s first cousin. Callen, who reportedly grew up with the Duchess of Cambridge, said she believes her godmother is “too grand” to care about her nonroyal family members.

“She behaves as if we are not good enough for her now,” said Callen, who added that both calls and invitations to family events, as well as requests to meet with aging relatives, have all been in vain. While Carol Middleton, 59, has reportedly denied to socialize with the family due to the presence of her brother Gary Goldsmith, who is “colorful” as described by the Mail, Callen said her godmother’s excuses are not valid.

“The real reason is that she is above us now. We’re not in her social circle,” Callen said. “It’s as if we are not good enough and she’s embarrassed by us. She is now even grander than the queen.”

Callen said she had yet to lay eyes on Middleton’s 13-month-old son and speculated future king of Britain, Prince George. “I was so excited when George was born,” she said. “I watched Kate leaving the hospital and have read about him in lots of newspapers and magazines, but none of the family has met him.”

Despite her lack of communication with Middleton, Callen said she still has a soft spot for her royal cousin. “Kate was the nicest one,” she said when reminiscing about their childhood together, saying of the duchess, “She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.”